OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker from Cambridge SoundWorks

Cambridge Soundworks
OontZ Angle 3 Enhanced Stereo Edition Speaker

The Waterproof OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth Speaker from Cambridge SoundWorks has excellent volume and bass, with a clear and crisp sound. The bass effect is even more pronounced if placed bottom down. This does cause some movement when playing hard music with a lot of bass. Even at full volume, the sound is still distortion free.

The speaker is well built and durable with rounded edges to break the sharp edges. The speaker comes with a play/pause button on the end of the speaker. This allows you to pause the music from the speaker. Note that it does not work on all apps.

The Bluetooth connectivity is effortless and easy. Without pushing a button, the speaker will pair with another device at up to 100 feet.

This is a well-priced speaker. It comes with a 3-foot micro USB charging cable as well as a 3-foot audio cable so to connect to a TV that does not have Bluetooth. It could have been a bit longer. The speaker can also be used while charging.

The 2200 mAh battery life is outstanding and will go for about 12 hours at mid volume. The power saving feature of shutting down after 15 minutes of non-use can be a bit annoying.

Per conclusion this is a very solid speaker that focusses on sound quality and ease of use, and not on features. Coming in at less than $20, it is completely worth it.


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